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Xero Basics Workbook

Xero Basics Workbook

$145.00 (including GST)

Step by step instructions to ensure all time and costs are billed at month-end and that WorkflowMax and Xero match.

From pre-invoicing to post-statements.


Xero Basics Workbook

Our workbook covers all the basic day to day functions for using Xero in your business.  From use of the Dashboard, reconciling bank accounts to invoicing and GST.

You can work through it cover to cover using the Xero Demo Company to practice each part, or use it as a reference when you need it.  It is full of our Pro Tips so you can get save yourself time and know what to look for to ensure your Xero is correct and matches your bank account.

If you are simply trying Xero out, this would be a good workbook to show you the day to day use.  Try Xero FREE for 30 days!


Demo Company

The Dashboard
Bank accounts
Reconciled Transactions
Invoices owed to you / debtors / accounts receivable
Bills you need to pay / creditors / accounts payable
Account watchlist

Reconciling bank accounts
Matching a single sale or bill
Part payments or multiple invoices
Minor adjustments
Remembered transactions
Cash transactions – spend or receive
Bank rules
Over payments or prepayments
Remove and redo – the “whoops!”

Entering sales or bills
Deleting and voiding
Editing invoices
Text Lines
Repeating invoices
Inventory Items / Products and Services
Entering and allocating credit notes
Create a new credit note
Create a credit from an existing invoice
Entering a new contact – customer or supplier

For each account on the Dashboard, do the following steps
Other checks for good practice
Run the GST

Chart of accounts
Invoice settings and branding
Custom templates

Xero files

Further support

You can download any updates FREE within 1 year of purchasing.

Go to our Xero Setup and Support Services page for more information about how we can help you get better use of Xero.

Book a Session Now if you would like to go through this in person or if you would like to modify it to suit your business more closely.


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