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Business Bookkeeping

We help make business a path to a better life.


Get on top of your business accounts

Building and running a business is hard work! When you’re juggling sales, staff and operations, it can be hard to find the time to keep your bookkeeping up to date.

Our mission is to help ease the load by taking care of all your bookkeeping needs, so that you can make timely decisions with accurate and transparent accounts information.

Accounting software and add-ons

We are 100% Xero. The automation features that Xero has are incredibly smart and with our expert knowledge of both Xero and bookkeeping, we can pick up issues before they even become a problem.

Our bookkeepers are continuously learning and keeping abreast of new technology.

When new bookkeeping software like payroll and payment gateways are released, our team has all the right skills and expertise to assist with implementation, integration, ongoing use and maintenance of these systems.

Katalyst is a XERO Platinum Partner

Our team would love to help you with Xero set up and support. We are an official Xero Platinum Partner, meaning we are recognised by Xero as experts in their cloud-based accounting technology.

Bookkeeping services

How We Can Help You

Bank Reconciliation

Regular bank reconciliation means your accounts are accurate, and up to date so you can make timely business decisions.

Sales & Accounts Receivable

We can prepare and send sales invoices to your customers, send statements and follow up any late payments to ensure you get paid promptly. We can manage your accounts email address to promptly reply to client account queries.

Bills, Accounts Payable & Supplier Management

We can take care of incoming bills and manage automated add-ons or entering them via your job system, like WorkflowMax, or directly into Xero, and ensure copies are attached for paperless bookkeeping. We can check bills against supplier statements and prepare batch payment files for you to upload and pay. We can work with your suppliers to keep accounts open if payment is going to be late. We can manage your accounts email address to quickly get access to incoming bills.

Payroll, PAYE & KiwiSaver

Send us your timesheets and we can prepare your regular payroll. We are Xero and iPayroll specialists. As IRD Bookkeeping Intermediaries, we can access your PAYE and KiwiSaver tax information on your behalf.


We can run your GST audit report, file it with IRD and follow up that you have paid it. As IRD Bookkeeping Intermediaries, we can access your GST related tax information on your behalf.

Administration & Other Services

There are many ways we can help our clients, give us a call to discuss.

How We Can Help?

We help make business a path to a better life

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