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Wow, massive changes this morning!


  • Email Template – go to settings, general settings, email settings.  You can set templates for invoices, credits, remittance, repeats and statements.
  • Remittance advice for single payments – open the payment in your account transactions screen and click on options, select ‘send remittance’.
  • Outstanding statements rather than activity statements – this is a big one for us as bookkeepers, where there is months of activity, but only a few invoices un-paid from a few months back, we would have to send months of activity data as a statement, for large clients with lots of invoices, this would be messy, so, we would export the customers transactions to excel, delete the paid ones and send that.  This is awesome!  It is like the list in the contact records rather than every invoice and payment etc.
  • Sales and Bills rather than Receivables and Payables – this is just a change of term, but there are new layouts under the Accounts tabs for these.
  • Chart of accounts search – AWESOME!!!  You used to have to scroll to the bottom, change to 200 lines, hit CTRL and F to find, then search for something.
  • Due date shortcuts – when entering +7 in the due date field, it would be 7 days from today, rather than from the invoice date (which might not be today), so this is more logical.
  • Change to timeout – now an hour rather than 30 minutes, this will be very important to some users using a job systems where they had to keep re-logging into Xero for invoices to export.
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For more detail or for further changes, see the release notes:  Read More


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