Xero Roadshow - 28 May 213 - Katalyst Cloud & Business Services, specialists in Xero and WorkflowMax

I attended the Xero Roadshow this morning – as normal, it was inspiring, for various reasons.

Some notes:

  • WorkflowMax rewrite is due for release in September/October – the new look is awesome as are the the new time features – I think you still won’t be able to schedule based on time of the day, but you will easily see missing time, or time not clocked, the time recording features are improved also
  • Xero purchase order features are due to be released in two months
  • Xero stock lite is due for release around Christmas/New Year
  • As per my last post, the new payment gateway options have been released, this affects online invoices, so it may be worth reviewing this in your business
  • Quotes in Xero are in design and building, no release date yet, this will have dynamic function, where you can have your client select options they might want online and this will be integrated with your Xero, so not simply “Quotes” as you might know it
  • Also coming soon is the new email settings, so you will be able to specify the sent from email address etc
  • Fully document enabled – through out Xero is due in July/August this year!  Yay!!

The new reporting framework, among other things, is allowing larger clients to come aboard with Xero.  Transaction limits up to around 2,000 per month can now be handled – It is advised to run parallel with your existing system for a month to test it – run a GST return at the end of that period, if the report runs ok without timing out, it will be fine.  Xero have said they are running a few GST returns for people direct from their servers, where the upper data limits have been reached.  Exercise caution here, we would absolutely recommend testing – and we would state that quite clearly.


Simon Mundell from Results.com had the key note speech.  He was awesome.

Funnily enough, my brother, at Jack of All Trades, demonstrated the Results.comapp to me last week – you can download from the app store for free.  Simon has awesome, if you get this today – text Results to 244 for the slide show, you can join their webinar too for free.  They also give you their strategic plan template.

Screen Shot 2013-05-28 at 4.53.45 PM

I will attempt to blog a bit more about this in the next week or so…  I have to get my head around it.

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