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If you haven’t already noticed the recent changes for Xero invoicing, you will soon and you are guaranteed to love them.

  • When you email an invoice to a client now, when they open the invoice a read receipt is noted on the history of the invoice.  So when they say “Oh, I never got it…” you can say “…actually, you read on Monday at 2.31pm…” (if you want to).
  • The invoice shows their current account balance too, so they can click the link and get copies of their invoices without having to ask you – It might be worth educating clients that they can now self-serve for invoice copies.
  • If your customer uses Xero, they can save the invoice directly into drafts, and like magic, it saves the pdf copy with it = Yeehaw!  This is even better than repeating drafts where you have to then save the invoice copy.
  • There is a pay now button, so if you are using PayPal, it is now easier to pay the invoice immediately.  Just consider the additional cost of PayPal fees if you are thinking about using it.  If it means getting paid sooner, maybe it is a good idea to look into it.  Check out our recently updated debtors page for further hints for getting paid faster.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office on 09 269 5466.

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