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Purchase Orders

The Purchase order function in Xero looks very good indeed.  You can partially receipt or fully receipt, turning the purchase order into a bill to save data entry.  You can also create custom templates to better brand your purchase orders, you can also use the email settings for purchase orders.

The full history as you expect in Xero applies here as well, as well as drafts and submit for approval.

To find purchases, so to Accounts tab, Purchases, then scroll down the screen, purchase orders appear under the bills.

Screen Shot 2013-11-11 at 5.32.23 PM


The new improved GST process has also been released today.  This process will now show you any unreconciled transactions in the period, so you know to complete them.  Our rules still stand if you were taught by us – check the recon report for every account on the dashboard, prior to running your GST.  This is still a good process to follow as you will be alerted to any issues early on.

Also, make sure you save a copy of the published report off Xero.  We have found our lovely GST reports deleted from time to time by well meaning people…


Check out the blog for more information and other updates.  Still coming this year, I expect, are quotes and stock.  Purchase orders are a part of this set, so it is looking good that Xero have released purchase orders.

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