WorkflowMax Pie Chart - Katalyst Cheat Sheet

Easily create a WorkflowMax Pie Chart about Staff Time by Job Category using the Report Builder

WorkflowMax pie charts are excellent to quickly and easily display groups of data. Our cheat sheet will show you how to build yourself a pie chart showing all staff time by job category.

How to use Job Categories in WorkflowMax

Job Categories in WorkflowMax are an integral feature – they are used for filtering and reporting. You can customise the job categories to suit your business – split by client type, by region, or by type of work, or simply as non-chargeable vs chargeable – it’s your choice.

If you aren’t sure about how to setup job categories, or what might suit your business, please call and ask for Glennis.

Using the Report Builder to create a WorkflowMax Pie Chart

You can build this very simple pie chart using your WorkflowMax report builder.

For this example, we took all staff actual time for October from our demo system, and simply split it by job categories.

To build this yourself – go to Reports, Report Builder. Select the Report Builder tab, then from the drop down select the ‘Time’ Report Type, then in the Create drop down, select ‘Create Pie Chart’.

Always use a descriptive name, so you know later what you created it for. In this case, I named mine “Category Pie Chart – Staff Time for a period”.

In section 2, select [Job] Category and [Task] Actual Time fields.

In section 3, use the filter of [Time] Date {is on or after} {Custom}, then [Time] Date {is on or before} {Custom}.

In section 4, select the people who you want to see this report, and in the options at the bottom, select ‘Staff {can change all the} criteria for this report’. This means they can enter a custom date range when running the report. From Save drop down, select Save and Preview.

To run WorkflowMax Pie Chart report so you can enter the criteria dates, go to Reports, Report Builder, then on the My Reports tab, select your report. You can then enter the to and from dates as you wish, by clicking the Show Criteria button on the right, as below.

Screen Shot 2015-12-09 at 7.18.39 pm

If you would like some assistance with this, please call us, or click to go to the WorkflowMax Report Builder Tutorial.

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