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Essential WorkflowMax Updates

Updated: May 2024

WorkflowMax by Xero

Xero has announced that WorkflowMax software will be retired on 26 June 2024 – now less than six weeks away.  This means that any existing subscriptions will close and will no longer be accessible. BlueRock an Australian Tech Advisory firm have stepped in and are rebuilding WorkflowMax on a new platform.  Keep reading for more information.

Fasten your seatbelt!

WorkflowMax by BlueRock, rebuilt on a new platform, is live and we are finding the road is fairly bumpy with a few potholes thrown in.

We have completed test migrations for most of our clients now without too much trouble.  We have around 20% of our go live migrations done.  We have three brand new clients on WorkflowMax2 and another coming on shortly.

To say ‘there have been a few issues’ is an understatement.  There have been delays, performance issues and bugs and a few clients have experienced some quoting, invoicing and reporting issues.  The WorkflowMax support has been slow in getting back to people and I have to say our support for our clients has suffered also as we deal with a significant volume of queries.

We are finding that most people are fairly optimistic and realistic about the situation, and we appreciate the good humour they are sharing with us.

If you are going live on WorkflowMax2 we recommend you very carefully check quote pricing and check all invoices before sending them out to clients.  We would normally suggest you do a month end reconciliation between your job and accounting software, but we very highly recommend this now.  Check your invoice from WorkflowMax matches the version in Xero, and check your total sales and bills match in both systems.

Custom reporting will continue to improve through to the end of May.  If you can’t run a report now, remove some criteria, remove the grouping, then re-run it.  You can then export to Excel for filtering and grouping.

Custom print templates in WorkflowMax use the same system as Xero, but the connection was a bit less direct (my words),  they are changing this, so by the end of May you should see a significant improvement in loading speed for custom print templates.

The mobile app should be available by the end of May with a product update due soon on this.

Get our Quick Start Guide here!

Use our free Quick Start Guide to help your team quickly acclimatise to the new version of WorkflowMax.


Katalyst WorkflowMax Quick Start Guide


Download Our Free Staff Roles Template

In WorkflowMax2 you can now create roles and apply them to your team.  Use our handy spreadsheet to plan what roles you have and who they should be applied to.


Katalyst Staff Roles Spreadsheet

Release Notes

You will find the latest release notes here.

Feature Releases

You will find more in-detail information about feature release schedule here.


BlueRock will guarantee the same pricing till December 2024, and they are committed to keeping WorkflowMax2 at a similar price point moving forward.

Check Out WorkflowMax2

What Migrates and What Doesn’t

Migrations start from February 28th.

  • All data, settings, job templates and staff will be migrated except custom reports which have to be recreated and custom templates which have to be moved manually.
  • You will have the opportunity to access a trial account and run both WorkflowMax and WorkflowMax2 in parallel if you choose to, before your official migration date.
  • Expect downtime from 2 – 24 hours. There are some issues and options around timing which we will discuss with our clients.
  • We will book clients in according client needs and complexity. We will to migrate simple use accounts first, then move through to more complex accounts.
  • We know certain features aren’t ready for go live and we’re sure there will be random bugs still popping up for a while, so we will manage our migrations carefully.


Katalyst Migration Service

Our migration services includes:


  • Assist in deciding the best timing for your migration
  • Provide team resources to prepare for go live – our Quick Start Guide
  • Setup your new WorkflowMax by BlueRock account and run your text migration
  • Handle data backup and post migration spot checks
  • Recreate custom reports and transfer custom print templates
  • Provide continuous support throughout the migration process


Whether you want us to take care of it, or if you need support migrating yourself, we can help.



DIY Migration

For our clients or businesses who might want our help, you can add us as your advisor when you create your trial account – just type Katalyst into the Certified Advisor box.  This will give us access as free users to your account and we can extend trial periods as partners.

We are happy to provide support when you need it, as our normal WorkflowMax hourly rate.

Contact us for more information – [email protected].

Historic Job Access

For our clients currently using single-user, or solo subscriptions to access historic job data, you can migrate to WorkflowMax2 now to maintain access.

If you are migrating to another job system, we recommend downgrading to a solo user license and then following the same migration process. The team at BlueRock have confirmed, that once migrated you will be able to close your subscription and reinstate it later if needed.  Subscriptions on WorkflowMax by Xero will no longer be available from 26 June so a migration is required to maintain access.

Rally the Data

Rally is a New Zealand based company offering data connection services and bespoke business intelligence, allowing you to uncover unique and powerful insights from your business that can help you retain more of every dollar you earn.  The team at Rally utilise cutting edge technology to serve up live and interactive insights to help clients achieve their business goals.  With WorkflowMax2 offering a native integration to Power BI, this will be even better under the BlueRock banner.

Rally has significant experience with WorkflowMax, they can extract your critical business data from WorkflowMax and safeguard it by backing it up in a secure environment.  They can assist with importing and integrating the data into a new job management solution. With your downloaded data, Rally has the capability to create a job form so you can view your historic job data – we will provide more information on this as we assess the need.

Paul can be contacted at [email protected] or checkout their website here.

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