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WorkflowMax Update

Updated: 27 October 2023

WorkflowMax by Xero

Xero has announced that WorkflowMax software will be retired on 26 June 2024.  This means that any existing subscriptions will close and will no longer be accessible. BlueRock an Australian Tech Advisory firm have stepped in and are rebuilding WorkflowMax on a new platform.  Keep reading for more information.

WorkflowMax by BlueRock

BlueRock is an Australian tech based advisory firm.  FYI – the name BlueRock comes from the Carlton Foot Ball Club for the Blue part and the wrestler  Dwayne The Rock.

They have been WorkflowMax partners for 8 years and have completed around 300 implementations.  40 – 50% of their clients have custom integrations which BlueRock have built/managed for them.Heather Smith interviewed Peter Lalor the CEO and Managing Director of BlueRock about WorkflowMax2 – go to Spotify to listen.  Peter says that they have developed a couple of software products that are comparable in project size to building WorkflowMax2 and they are confident in their capability.  He also mentions AI and other tech that could be applied to WorkflowMax2 in the future.

The New Platform 

BlueRock is committed to developing the new WorkflowMax platform with the same core features and functionality.  They have also taken this opportunity to improve the user experience, with a more contemporary interface.From day one they are planning to include these new features:

  • Multi-currency
  • Reporting will be more intuitive with access to more data points
  • Ability to create User Roles to make adding staff easier
  • Improved scheduling and calendar views
  • Ability to update items in bulk in more places
  • Quicker editing features and drag and drop functionality
  • Contacts (humans) can be linked to multiple clients
  • Custom fields can be set as optional or mandatory and can be used on quotes
  • New integrations to HubSpot, Zapier and SharePoint
Check Out BlueRock
Check Out WorkflowMax 2

Migration to WorkflowMax 2 by BlueRock

Migrations will start in February 2024.  At this stage, everything will be migrated except custom reports, staff and possibly custom templates.  We will confirm this as we get more information.You will have the opportunity to access a trail account and run in parallel – running both your current WorkflowMax and WorkflowMax 2 before your official migration date.We will be given ‘slots’ for migrations and we will book clients in according client needs and complexity.  We want to migrate simple use clients first, then move through to more complex clients.We will get status updates as the data is being migrated.


BlueRock will guarantee the same pricing till December 2024, and they are committed to keeping WorkflowMax 2 at a similar price point moving forward, with possible future modules as optional extras.

Next Steps

We are carefully managing our time from now through to June next year.

Our ongoing plan:

  • Continue to learn as much as we can about WorkflowMax2 – through one to one sessions with the BlueRock team, partner webinars, and customer webinars. We are also in touch with other WorkflowMax partners.
  • Pre-migration health checks are underway. Let us know if you would like to register – Register Now.
  • Research alternative options – where clients feel WorkflowMax is not providing what they need for their business, we will either try to offer an alternative or refer you to someone who can help you. For example, we are Projectworks and WorkGuru partners and can arrange a free demo for you. Xero Projects might suit very simple needs clients – but we are finding it is too basic for most of our WorkflowMax clients.
  • Review options for exporting data from WorkflowMax (read more below in Options to Export Data and Rally the Data
  • Beta testing is on track for December. We have submitted several clients for this program. Keep an eye out for our updates from the beta testing in December.
  • Migrations are still on track to start in February 24.

Options to export data

If you want to export your data for backup, for export/import to another system, or if for some reason BlueRock can’t deliver on the new product in time for WorkflowMax by Xero closing:

  • Create an XML file that can be used to import into another system
  • Make use of one of the other exporting routines
  • Use the Report Builder to generate reports before exporting

WorkflowMax Support Centre

Click for more information:


Historic Job Access

For our clients currently using single-user, or solo subscriptions to access historic job data, you can migrate to WorkflowMax by BlueRock and maintain this access. Likewise, If you are migrating to another job system, we recommend downgrading to a solo user license and then following the same migration process. Potentially once migrated you will be able to close your subscription and reinstate it later if needed. This will need to be confirmed. Subscriptions on WorkflowMax by Xero will no longer be available from 26 June so a migration is required to maintain access.

Rally the Data

Rally is a New Zealand based company offering data connection services and bespoke business intelligence, allowing you to uncover unique and powerful insights from your business that can help you retain more of every dollar you earn.  The team at Rally utilise cutting edge technology to serve up live and interactive insights to help clients achieve their business goals.  With WorkflowMax2 offering a native integration to Power BI, this will be even better under the BlueRock banner.

Rally has significant experience with WorkflowMax, they can extract your critical business data from WorkflowMax and safeguard it by backing it up in a secure environment.  They can assist with importing and integrating the data into a new job management solution. With your downloaded data, Rally has the capability to create a job form so you can view your historic job data – we will provide more information on this as we assess the need.

Paul can be contacted at [email protected] or checkout their website here.

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