Do you want to get the most out of WorkflowMax?

WorkflowMax is cloud-based software that makes managing workload and time sheets easy. It can help you keep track of your prospects, monitor team productivity, capture every last billable minute and easily convert time sheets into Xero invoices. It also integrates with iPayroll to make the process of paying your staff quick and accurate.

WorkflowMax Subscription

Getting the most out of it requires the right set up, and a good understanding of how to use the software correctly. We are WorkflowMax IT Setup Partners and Certified Advisors and can ensure a seamless set-up for your business. We have completed around 100 implementations.

WorkflowMax Advisor

We can work with anyone, anywhere in the world and as Certified Advisors, we can access your WorkflowMax Account without using up any of your licenses.


We have tightened down the implementation of WorkflowMax to four main steps:

  • Setup “Right from the Start” – getting all the settings right to suit your businesses needs
  • Run Through – how WorkflowMax works, what features you need and don’t need – tweaking settings to best fit – done in two stages – the first we cover Leads, Quotes and Jobs, the second we cover Job reporting, purchase orders and invoices.
  • Team Training – train all the team how to use the system – or the parts they need – some companies do this themselves, some companies need more training – we start with everyone and cover the basics, then let people go as we get to more senior roles – if a small business, the run through can count as training sometimes
  • Reporting and Maintenance – standard reports, custom reports and how to keep the system clean – normally after a month or so – when there is more data – though report needs are taken into consideration in the setup session

Each step takes around two hours but can vary business to business. The first two hour session is $559, any further two hours sessions are $459. For further time onsite, or support, we charge $175 per hour.

As a rough estimate, the WorkflowMax implementation is around the $2,500 mark, though where extra data work, customisation, training and support if required, this can be more. Or, on the flipside, it can be less, if you have tech savvy staff, if you use less features, like Leads and Purchases. We are Xero award winning experts, so we can provide a seamless integration.

Check out some industry specific Case Studies.

WorkflowMax Refresh – ‘To the Max’

For those already using WorkflowMax but not getting what you need from it, or maybe you’ve been using it for a while but you want a refresher, our expert, Certified Advisor will:

  • Review your existing account
  • Meet one-on-one with you, or with your entire team of WorkflowMax users, to work through your needs and also demonstrate where the settings and software could be better used

The very first two hour session is $559, including the review, any follow up sessions are just $459. For further time onsite, or support, we charge $175 per hour.


Visit our Resources page for our WorkflowMax and Xero month-end process, free download of our free tips, custom templates and other resources.

All prices exclude GST and are in NZ dollars.

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