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Lead Activities

Lead Activities are dated to do items for Leads. These can be added via a Lead Template selected when you created the Lead, or you can add them manually. You will see that our Activities have been added below – we can see these on a calendar showing the next two weeks. Below the calendar …

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Email to Lead

You will see we have a Lead email address – lead+dropbox_f2….  This is located under the Notes area of the Lead. This is a unique email address added to each Lead, this enables you to email into your Lead. Depending on your browser, you can right click on the blue email addresses and select “Copy Email …

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Lead Notes

You can type a note in the “Add a note about this lead” section – link in the image below, and it will be saved in the Lead History at the bottom of the Lead. This is handy for noting details of conversations you have had over the phone with the Contact. For example “phoned …

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Lead Activities Report

The Lead Activities report can be customised to group by Lead Owner, or in the example below, it is grouped by the Lead. You can use the filters to show all activities (completed or not), only overdue activities or only current or future activities. If you are the business owner, or sales manager, you can …

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Current Leads by Team Member

The following report is grouped by the Lead Owner, it shows how old a Lead is and if it has Activities and/or Quotes or Estimates added. You can add fields like the Contact and their phone number if you wanted to use the report as a phone list. You can click on the Lead Name …

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Win or Lose your Lead

Won You can Win the Lead by clicking on Won, this will turn the Lead into a job. Make sure your activities are all completed first. One of your activities might be to get your business terms signed, so it is important to check this is done before turning the Lead into a Job. If …

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Premium version of WorkflowMax

If you are using either the Practice or Premium version of WorkflowMax, please note, depending on your settings, invoices completed in Xero not be back-imported into WorkflowMax, so may or may not be included in your reports in WorkflowMax.

Unbilled Work In Progress

Check why Work in Progress remains unbilled. Ideally you want Work in Progress to be current, like below.  You will see a small amount unbilled from February, but the client is ok with this, they are carrying it forward to March billings. For Construction companies and Architects etc, with long-running jobs, their Work in Progress …

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