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I have been a WorkflowMax user for some time and I love the program. However, when I first started using it I though “this is easy to set up” and went along my merry way. I soon realised it wasn’t working for me, I wasn’t getting reminders or job notifications, I couldn’t get any meaningful data from it. So I hire a “so-called expert” to help me sort through it. Ever heard the saying if you think hiring an expert is expensive, wait until you hire the wrong one? I was at my wits end. It wasn’t working, I was more confused than before and ready to bin the whole thing and start again (including the 3 years of data I held).

I was in despair. Then I met Glennis from Katalyst Office Management. She reassured me that I probably didn’t need to “bin it” and lose this fabulous data. She came to my office. She sat down with me. She listened to what I was trying to achieve. She showed me the correlation between milestones, tasks and jobs. She showed me how to set up the system in a  way that worked for me, she showed me how to do all this without losing my valuable data. She showed me how to get meaningful reports from the system. She also helped me add the leads module which is fantastic. I went from despair to efficiency!

If you have WorkflowMax and you don’t think its doing what it should then hire these guys to train you – they will literally save you!

Sarah Lochead-Macmillan
Business Turbo Booster

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