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It has been amazing working with Corlika. She is incredibly knowledgeable, resourceful and friendly. Her clear communication makes for a great professional relationship.

  • We are adding more than 50k to our bottom line with the systems that Corlika has implemented!
  • We have shaved at least 60 hours off our monthly administration because of Corlika’s ability to customise the systems to address our bottlenecks.
  • We have more time to focus on doing our core legal work now that Katalyst easily manages our complex administration processes.
  • We are able to make informed decisions now we have an organised system and accessible reports.
  • We are grateful that Katalyst has given us our life back to work on the areas in our business that we are really passionate about.

Corlika and her team at Katalyst rock!

Hine Afeaki
Billings Clerk

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