Converting to Xero from other accounting software

Converting to Xero from other small business accounting software

As Xero award winning bookkeepers, we do conversions to Xero regularly, we know a few shortcuts too, so if you are facing the daunting task on changing software, whether it be mid year or before the new tax year, call us, we can make it easier for you. If you want to go it alone – see Xero’s conversion help page.
Converting to Xero

If you are thinking about changing your accounting system, but haven’t made your mind up, we can help you work through the decision and see if it is worth changing to Xero and what the benefits and pitfalls of changing are.

Comments we have received about changing to Xero


  • I’m saving several hours a month in processing paperwork – much better to charge this time out
  • Better more effective use of business advisors and coaches, as they can access our reports and data anytime and they don’t have to buy the program
  • No more file transfers to and from the bookkeeper or accountant
  • Reconciling is soooo easy
  • No need to import statements
  • Easy to see how much we are owed
  • Now have a better understanding and feel much more connected to our business
  • No complicated software updates or installations – especially upgrading on servers
  • Less reliance on servers or no longer require one
  • No more backing up
  • It is much cheaper for my accountant to do quarterly reporting

Four basic types of conversion:

  1. Clean, brand new company, training and basic setup required only, no old data to convert
  2. Cashbook – like above, but entering opening balances etc
  3. Starting at a point – 1 April for example, just opening receivables and payables at that date and contacts etc
  4. Starting at a point, but back dating – converting at 1 April, but we are now in September, so we need to also include April to September invoices and data etc

Contributing factors to the cost of converting to Xero:

  • How tidy is the data in your old system – are you reconciled up to date?
  • What data can be exported – we need contacts and open invoices
  • What information does the exported data hold?  Do invoices have all their account coding by line or does this need to be recreated?
  • Do you use invoices, or have you been cash coding transactions – no receivables or payables
  • How many receivable and payable invoices do you have to bring over?
  • How many transactions do you do in a month?
  • Can we use your exported, or do we have to do major manipulation to have a useable file?
  • Are we handling the conversion balances or are you or your accountant doing this?
  • Do you and your accountant have the same chart of accounts, should this be aligned?
  • Does your conversion aged receivable and payable balances match your accountants?

Other factors to consider, if there is work to do at your end:

  • Do you have dual screens, or do you work on a small laptop?
  • You have a knowledgeable/adaptable team member handling your accounts?

We never quote for converting to Xero, as we don’t know what we will be presented with, but it is normally in the range of $250 – $2,000 + GST.  You may also have work to do at your end, so please do discuss this with us. If the need to convert comes before the funds to do it, we offer Fee Funders for spread payments.

Contact us now to discuss your conversion to Xero.

Please see our testimonials page for comments from some of our WorkflowMax clients.

All prices exclude GST and are in NZ dollars.