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iPayroll makes payroll processing a breeze

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iPayroll® is the Internet Payroll Service for New Zealand that keeps your records, does your banking, pays your staff and pays your PAYE (and other deductions) all in one go.

Katalyst are iPayroll Professional Providers.  We can start you up on iPayroll or convert your business from another program.  You can then choose whether to handle your payroll yourself, or have us manage it for you.

  • Easy to use – anywhere, anytime
  • Fully secure, totally confidential
  • For one to several hundred staff
  • Pays staff automatically by direct credit, or manually as required
  • Manages PAYE and other deductions for you
  • Payroll Giving – no administration
  • IRD accredited PAYE intermediary
  • Self-managed or fully managed by us at Katalyst Office Management
  • Online leave requests

iPayroll, a cloud payroll solution and New Zealand’s largest online IRD Payroll Intermediary which interfaces seamlessly with Xero.

Employees paid using iPayroll can have 24/7 access to their own payroll data via the Employee Kiosk. Employees can view a Current Pay Slip, Request Leave, view Pay Slip History, view a Tax Summary and Print anything they see.

The Request leave feature allows employees to enter a request and when approved the leave will automatically flow into the payroll for the designated period. Great for employer and employee alike.
Using iPayroll provides seamless real-time services. Their Free ongoing Help team are second to none.

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