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I need help to get my payroll and PAYE sorted

Whether you’ve got a single employee or teams based around the country, our payroll service make paying your staff easy.  we can do it all for you, or setup online payroll software for you to manage yourself.

Online Payroll Software Solutions

We are experienced at using popular cloud-based payroll software solutions such as iPayroll, Xero and others.  These clever system sallow you to plan and make payments to staff from a single online location.  You can even set up regular payments for set wage and salary earners, and have PAYE returns filed automatically.


The payroll solution for successful businesses.

iPayroll is our preferred payroll software.  It’s very easy to use, takes the least amount of work and their support is the best around.

iPayroll takes care of your direct credits to staff and your PAYE filings.  If you employ salary earners, you can simply set the payroll to ‘auto’ and forget about it – the only time you need to make a change is when your employees take leave.  Employees can login and enter leave requests and setup payroll giving.

iPayroll integrates seamlessly with Xero and can be connected to WorkflowMax job management software.

iPayroll provide a very cost effective Implementation service, and support is provided by them for free (in most cases).  Our team will charge normal support fees if you call us.

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Xero Payroll

Pay staff and report payroll details to IR with online payroll software.  Automate tax, pay and KiwiSaver calculations.

We recommend Xero for businesses with regular basic payrolls.  Implementation and support is available via our team or free technical support is available via Xero support cases.

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Pay employees right with smart, modern and seriously compliant online payroll software.

We recommend PayHero for businesses with regular basic payrolls.  Implementation and support is available via our team or free support is available via PayHero.

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Manual Payroll systems and spreadsheets

Using a manual payroll system?  If you’ve been considering moving to online payroll software, it’s a worthwhile investment.

Cloud based payroll software will create significant time savings, reduce errors and ensure your team can access accurate pay slips at any time.  While software comes with a cost, it is usually reasonable and pays dividends when it comes to complex calculations like holiday pay.

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