I need help with my payroll & PAYE

Whether you’ve got a single employee or teams based around the country, our payroll management services make paying your staff easy.

We offer a range of payroll services to suit any organisation’s needs.

Online Payroll Software Solutions

We are experienced at using popular cloud-based payroll software solutions such as iPayroll and FlexiTime. These clever systems allow you to plan and make payments to staff from a single online location. You can even set up regular payments for set wage and salary earners, and have PAYE returns filed automatically.


Logo Professional Cert ProvWe love iPayroll because it’s very easy to use, and training is provided for free. iPayroll takes care of your direct credits to staff and PAYE. If you employ salary earners, simply set their payroll to ‘auto’ and forget about it – the only time you need to make a change is when your employees take leave. iPayroll integrates seamlessly with WorkflowMax job management software, and employees can log in to set up payroll giving etc.


FlexiTime cloud based payrollWith an easy-to-use interface and in-built basic job management software, FlexiTime payroll software is a great way to get started. The system allows you to automate wage and salary payments, as well as IRD returns, and is perfectly suited to businesses that run rosters. Simply mount an iPad to the wall and your team can take a selfie to clock themselves in and out. Clients that find it particularly useful include hospitality businesses and nanny agencies. Ready to get started? We can help you set up your account, or manage it on your behalf.

Xero Payroll Software

xero-gold-partner-logo-hires-RGBXero offers a DIY payroll software service as an extension of its core accounting software functionality. While the system enables great financial reporting, it relies on manual entries which can be time consuming and the only support available is technical. If you’re interested in managing payroll out of Xero, talk to one of our payroll experts.

Manual Payroll Services

Using a manual payroll system? We can take care of it. Our experienced payroll team will ensure your data is up-to-date, and your IRD obligations are sorted.

If you’ve been considering moving to online payroll software, it’s probably a worthwhile investment. A payroll software solution will create significant time savings, reduce errors and ensure your team can access accurate payslips at any time. While software comes with a cost, it is usually reasonable and pays dividends when it comes to complex calculations like holiday page.

Need help with your payroll? Contact us today.