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At Katalyst, we love cloud software. It means we can work from anywhere, at any time, and share data securely with our clients and other professionals, such as accountants.

It also means that we can be totally paperless – a pretty impressive feat if you consider that paperwork is our bread and butter! As members of the Sustainable Business Network, we’ve worked hard to implement sustainable office management practices in our business. We’re confident we can help you achieve this same level of environmental commitment in your business too.

Can you give me some tips for going paperless?

No problem! Here are some strategies that we’ve implemented in our business, which will work for almost any organisation:

• Send your invoices out by email
• Ask suppliers to email their invoices
• Securely shred and sustainably reuse any hard copies you receive (in our case, no shredded paper from our business or our clients’ businesses enter the recycling system!)

For more information about going paperless, check out the website of our sister business, Cloud Office. There you’ll find a hand FAQ page, along with a blog that features sustainable business news.

What is cloud software, and how can it help me go paperless?

Simply put, ‘cloud’ software is software that is hosted online. That means the system can be accessed from anywhere that the internet is available. Whether you’re in the office, at a client’s site, at home or on holiday, you can log on and view or update your information.

Paperless & Mobile BookkeepingThere are fantastic cloud software solutions available for bookkeeping and accounting, payroll and job management. These systems are highly secure, extremely reliable and used by millions of businesses worldwide. Best of all, they mean you can go totally paperless – saving business costs and the environment!

How do I get started with paperless cloud software?

While cloud software can seem like a tricky concept, most systems are actually very easy to use. The trick is to get your accounts set up right and key staff trained, which is exactly where Katalyst can help. We offer easy-to-follow training options for a range of popular cloud software solutions, including Xero, FlexiTime and WorkflowMax. Talk to us about getting set up, or having Katalyst manage the software on your behalf.

Looking for expert advice about cloud software? Contact us today.

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