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We have a client that needed help with MYOB Online accounts…

I requested the  client to give me an invite to their online accounts.  Get sent an invite, accept the invite through my email and then get taken the the MYOB “live” accounts.

I thought hmm might be interesting to see what the competition is about so eagerly I login and go to look for the clients file.

No company file.

The instructions on MYOB website – please download the latest software to use these accounts – huh – I thought they were online.

So I follow the instructions and wait to download the file (20 minutes later for 243mb File).

Once downloaded I eagerly click to set up the software.  Myob starts wizzing and whiring.  I wait in anticipation watching the progressbar.  Meanwhile I have boiled the jug made a couple of phone calls, reconciled a client In xero.  Check Progress bar of software setup of the “cloud” software.

Make cup of coffee, Reconcile another clients account – answer a couple of emails…

Voilah – Accountright is ready to use.  WOOHOOO.   I do my desk ergonomics flex fingers and pounce over my keyboard ready to go with fingers flying.

I login into the “cloud” software from my desktop to locate the clients file “in the cloud”

“Sorry you cannot access this file as you have the 2013 version of the software and the company file is 2012.  Please contact the company administrator to upgrade the file to 2013”


I  then call MYOB – explain my predicament.  They need to reset my password and then send me a link to the 2012 version of the “cloud” software.

At the end of the conversation the help desk notices that the subscription for MYOB is expiring in 10 days would I like to renew it…

Ummm I don’t think so buddy!

Now don’t even get me started on the exporting of information.  That’s a whole other issue.

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