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How to set up Third Party GST Access for your Bookkeeper

  • Login to your IRD Account
  • Top right hand side there will be the words “Manage account access”. This only shows if you are the owner of the IRD account. Click on that.
  • Click “Create new user” and add the bookkeeper as an Administrator, then “Save” at the bottom of the page
  • Click the “ImyIR” symbol at the top left hand of the page to return to the home screen
  • No go to the “My GST” tab
  • Go to “Logon Settings” on the far-right hand side and click that
  • Then under “Quick Links” click “Grant access to accounts”
  • Click “Next”
  • Put a tick in the “Select” field and in the Access Level field select “File Returns”
  • Click “Next”
  • Type in the email address of the person you are wanting to send the access code to

That’s it. :-)

IRD Direct Pay

The IRD have been streamlining and simplifying the interaction between businesses and themselves by revamping the business portals. As well as creating a third-party login allowing clients to give their bookkeepers GST login access they have also created a “Direct Pay” option. This means that when your GST return is logged via the “myIR” portal you can choose to schedule a payment at the same time.

IRD Directpay

Once the return is submitted a direct debit can be setup on a scheduled date for payment directly from a bank or credit card account.

Selecting a direct debit you will be taken to the page to enter the bank account details. It will give the option to save this information for future direct debits.

If you have already given us access to your “My GST” third party access and wish to give us access to do this for you then go to “My GST – Logon Settings – Additional Logons”. Click on the user name “KOMVIAKOM”. Click on “GST” under the “Accounts” tab. Then under the “Account Settings” Tab click the word “Change” and change the “Access Level” to “File Returns and Make payments” and save.

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