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BIG NEWS!!! Folders are now available for Quotes

How Folders Work

Folders have been a long available feature of Jobs in WorkflowMax.  They allow you to group tasks, Cost Items, Notes and Documents.  You can Invoice a Folder and run a Job Financial Summary for each Folder.

Why people don’t use Folders

The shortcoming has always been that the feature didn’t extend back to Quotes and Estimates, and the Folders weren’t available when Invoicing, because of this, many clients have dismissed Folders as having limited return for the time spent to use them.

For some clients we have worked with over the years, especially Marketing Clients, they have preferred to create their fee proposals grouped in stages, for clients off system, then create a Quote or Estimate in WorkflowMax to bring the job budget up to date.

Why WorkflowMax hasn’t been an option for some clients

This lack of sub grouping, as I call it, has been a major issue for many potential clients of WorkflowMax, such as manufacturing clients, where they need to show their Tasks and Costs in stages, or sections.  For example, an Aluminium Manufacturer when pricing a house lot of joinery, will want to show the total cost per room – with the Tasks and Cost Items grouped, so their clients could see the what each room might cost and choose to proceed or change their order for specific rooms to suit their budgets. WorkflowMax only grouped Tasks in one section, and Costs in the other.

Likewise, the project needs this sub grouping for their project management, invoicing and financial reporting for the job.

How Folders for Quotes works

You will be able to add a Description for the Folder and this is printable.

You will be able to merge Tasks and Costs into a single Folder, and have multiple Folders on your quote.  These Tasks and Costs can be applied manually or via single or multiple Job Templates (which are used for Jobs and Quotes).

Financial benefits of Folders on Quotes

You can see the gross profit for each folder.  This could mean simply all Tasks are in one Folder and all Costs are in another folder to get a better picture of your gross profit, rather than it all being one lump sum.  Or, you can group as you needed to get gross profit by each stage or unit you are pricing.

Client Facing benefits of Folders on Quote

As you have probably all heard me say:  “The last accepted quote or estimate is the only one that counts”.  So the Quote or Estimate on the job must be updated to include all of the original and additional stages or changes.

This can make for a very large quote to resend to clients for approval.  With the new Folders for Quotes, you can print a single Folder and send that separately.

Some immediate but not yet tested thoughts:

  • Interior Designers – you could quote for specific or new items, rather than resending the full quote, you could ignore Folders once you are on the job, or you could Invoice the Folder as per the Quote 
  • Manufacturers – you can use simple grouping to put your labour and materials together for pricing specific items, then track the financials on the Job and Invoice when the item is completed
  • Events – you can group Venue Expenses, Food and Beverage into groups for the gross profit per group
  • Construction and Building Variations – you can add the new variation into your Quote or Estimate, then print and send for approval, like Manufacturers, you can then use the financial reporting and invoicing for the Folders
  • Consulting Engineers – using the Folder Description, you could use that for specific Folder terms, rather than editing by task or using multiple quote templates, as the Folder can use Job Templates, this can all be preset
  • Internal Cost items vs third party Costs
  • Construction companies using hidden cost item on their quotes could group this to tidy up the sections, of the shown items an the hidden items.

Quote Custom Templates

WorkflowMax will release new Sample Templates, so you can use these as a base or copy the sections you want and insert them into your existing templates.

Let us know if you would like us to do this for you.

What’s still to come?

To follow, the schedule will depend on demand:

  • Folders for Invoicing – you can already invoice an individual Folder, but you can’t show the grouping on invoices across multiple Folders.  For now, Invoice as normal, or Invoice a single Folder.
  • Folder Custom Fields in the Report Builder – you will need to view Folder reporting via the Job
  • Changes to the Job Financial Summary to include Folders – for now, view the Job Financial Summary for the Folder itself via the Job
  • Reorder folders on quotes – for now, you will probably need to use prefixes to get the order you would like – such as ‘Stage One – Design’ or ‘01:  Design, Manufacture and Install Standalone Road Signage”

Most WorkflowMax Partners will probably be pushing for invoicing as the next cab off the rank as a required feature.  I would consider the rest to be ‘quality of life improvements’.  

Do you want to see it?

If you are interested in seeing how it works I am holding an open FREE! demo via Zoom on Wednesday the 11th of August. Please email me directly if you are interested in joining.

Alternatively, let me know if you would like to book in time to go through how it might work for your business specifically – this would be at our normal rates.

Free help articles will be sent with the Feature Release from WorkflowMax if you have not opted out of marketing.

Xero Practice Manager

A quick note – Xero Practice Manager is the accountants version of WorkflowMax, they split ways in October last year and no longer share development.  So, unfortunately, any XPM users won’t be getting the same Folders updates as WFM users.

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