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Custom Templates for Xero and WorkflowMax – Custom created for you or ready to use

Custom templates are print templates for use with Xero and WorkflowMax.  They can be branded to suit your business and different divisions of your business.

We can customise them to suit your needs, or you can buy and download one ready to use from our Resources page.

Xero and WorkflowMax printing forms we can customise

  • Invoice
  • Statement
  • Job brief (WorkflowMax only)
  • Purchase order
  • Quote/estimate
  • Credit note
  • We can create job bags and other templates using the form data available

For practices, we can also customise:

  • Tax payment letters
  • Tax return cover page

For newly created custom templates the process is typically as follows

You supply us with drawings and/or samples and we will create you a custom template to upload to your Xero or WorkflowMax. It helps if we have access to your system, our terms of business incorporate our non-disclosure agreement, so we like to get that sorted before gaining access to your system. We then create and test the form and send a sample to you. We then make any changes and submit for your approval. The form is then set as the default in Xero or WorkflowMax if required and given a proper name.

Where we are completing multiple templates, we normally get one form, typically the invoice, completed first, as the layout is what takes the most time. Once approved, we then create the others.

Where the style is similar in all forms, we offer a discounted price for multiple templates:
3 Templates – $549
2 Templates – $399
1 Template – $249

Add $92.50 to the price for half an hours, remote training, so you can edit them going forward.

PDF Compatible Fonts

For custom templates for Xero and WorkflowMax, you will need to use PDF compatible fonts.

All prices exclude GST and are in NZ dollars.

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