Company Car and what you probably shouldn't do with it

Company Cars and what you probably shouldn’t do with them ;-)

I highly recommend you take your company car and go racing at Pukekohe Park Raceway – the track is open most weekends for casual racing – you pay $90 and race all you want.  Motorbikes and Cars go separately, you don’t have to go too crazy if you don’t want too.  All you need is a helmet, and a car… maybe your company car will do?

Destroying the brakes on the company car

We took the Katalyst company car for a blast, my husband and I are a bit competitive though, so we were caning it, it certainly gets your blood pumping when another car is near by too.
Katalyst Company Car
As fun as it was, I now have a loaner, as we destroyed the brakes in my car and it refused to start on Sunday, so she’s certainly putting in her protests.  We were doing 210km per hour on the back straight with 200m before the hair pin, so my poor car was working hard.  I might have done a couple of really bad gear changes in there too.

Wheels that were spotless Friday afternoon, are now blackened with brake dust, a full tank of gas at Drury was gone by time we left the track with our grinding brake pads…

Tank of gas, $100, brake rotors, pads and hi-temp fluid $1350, track fee $90, fun = priceless!  Just remember, your car won’t be insured if you crash, or if someone crashes into you. Also, make sure your car is branded so any potential clients will spot it ;-).

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