Cloud based payroll - Ditch the spreadsheet

Is your Payroll spreadsheet turning into a Monster? Slay the beast and move to cloud-based payroll!

Cloud – A better way to manage your payroll

I see so many companies trying to manage their payroll with spreadsheets that I really feel like yelling out to the world, there is an easier way – move to cloud-based payroll!!! Managing a spreadsheet requires so much manual work, that it can become a nightmare – and if you find yourself with an out-dated spreadsheet that has so many formula’s you have lost track of what still works and what doesn’t, this could be costing your company an awful lot of money in incorrect calculations and headaches.

There are so many great cloud-based payroll systems available these days, that there really is no need for those dreaded payroll spreadsheets and hours spent manually calculating leave balances, PAYE and KiwiSaver contributions any more – why would you spend your days (and nights in most small business owners cases) manually calculating figures that can simply be produced when using a proper payroll system?

My favourite cloud-based payroll software – Flexitime

FlexiTime cloud based payroll

I am particularly fond of Flexitime, with its numerous (too many to mention) features that clearly shows that these guys have put a lot of thought into developing a product to make it easy to use and customise to suit your business, as well as reduce processing time, and we all love saving some time, don’t we?

Flexitime has developed an App that allows your staff to record their hours while they work, doesn’t matter where they are. All the time entries made to Flexitime app will automatically appear in Flexitime payroll system when you log in, ready to be approved and then paid. Once setup, these payrolls are a dream to manage, Annual Leave is accrued automatically after each payrun, the system alerts you to Public Holidays that falls during this period, IR345 and 348 can simply be downloaded and then uploaded to IRD website, Batch files can be exported from Flexitime and simply uploaded to your Business Banking, and I can go on and on and on.

To top this all off, they have an amazing support Team, always friendly and always ready to help. This for me, really is a cherry on a very yummy cake – because no matter how good a product, it does come down to after sales service and ongoing support (if required)

Get help moving to Flexitime

If you are finding yourself struggling to keep a spreadsheet going each week, or wading through paper timesheets, give me a call and I will be more than happy to drag you from the dark ages, straight into the light :)

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