Business Transformed in the Cloud - My notes - Katalyst Cloud & Business Services, specialists in Xero and WorkflowMax

Sponsored by Deloitte and ASB (I love ASB!)


  • Xero – Rod Drury
  • Vend – Nick Holdsworth
  • Spotlight Reporting – Richard Francis
  • Unleashed – Greg Murphy
  • Receipt Bank – Michael Wood
  • Deloitte – Grant Frear

This was an excellent seminar about the way things are, they way they should be and they way they are heading for Cloud services and IT in general.  There was a lot of mention to going mobile.  The desktop PC is out and mobile is in.

There are 500k businesses in NZ, 70k are on Xero.  There are 5 million businesses in the UK, so NZ is well placed to be an excellent base for global software developments.  Our market is small in comparison, so anything we create has to be global to be worth while, developers in the UK or USA have a large enough market not to have to consider other countries, so naturally limit themselves.

Best Practice now for business accountancy software is being in the cloud.  It is now safer and more secure than having desktop software.

It’s not the big that eat the small, it’s the fast that eat the slow – Rod Drury

Michael Wood from Receipt Bank had some interesting things to say about software – you need to be a software company to stick now – consider Amazon, they sell books, but they do it using software, they have swallowed Borders (booksellers).  You can become a software company by building it or buying it.
|| Consider: How can your company can best use software to better serve clients and to become a better company?


Richard Francis from Spotlight Reporting talked about KPI’s

> Aspire > Dream > Goals > Focus > Direction – you get there using KPI’s
> Set > Data Capture > KPI’s > Monitor > React
A saying I remember, that suits this is:  “If you aren’t measuring, you are only practicing”
|| Consider:  What do we need to monitor and measure?


Well worth looking at is Deloitte’s Digital Disruption video –


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