Katalyst are proud to co-present the Cloud Office Services Seminar

Being held in July, the speakers are as follows:

  1. Cloud Services – Brendon Ros – www.needanerd.co.nz
  2. Virtual PA – Charlie Perry – www.charliesangels.co.nz
  3. Websites and Xero Integrated Shopping Carts – www.websitebuilder.co.nz
  4. Book Keeping with Xero – Glennis Stuckey – www.katalyst.co.nz
  5. Accounting with Xero – Ric Thorpe – www.djca.co.nz
  6. Debt Collection – Josie Hart – www.waterstone.co.nz
  7. DIY HR – Lisa MacKay – www.hrtoolkit.co.nz

Goto https://katalyst.co.nz/cloud-office-services-seminar/ to book.

Xero Custom Invoice Templates are now available

Xero Custom Templates were included in the major Xero upgrade this morning. These include an invoice, statement and credit note. They look awesome and you can do all sorts of format and placement changes on them, including large back ground images.  For those who don’t want to read about it, there is a video available.

Branding Xero Custom Invoice Templates

If you have different more than one income stream in your business, each with their own branding, you can have different Xero Custom Templates for each one. For example, a Plumber might have a plumbing team and a separate gas fitting team. With the Custom Template, you can now have different themes for each. You can completely change the layout, logos and payment details.

Need help with Xero Custom Templates?

We can build custom templates for you – see our Custom Templates page for more information. We also have pre-built templates which you can customise available from our Xero Shop.Sample of Xero Custom Templates

More specifics

The custom templates use a Word docx format, you will need Word 2010 or greater. Consider using PDF compatible fonts for a consistent result.

For more information about Xero custom templates, or WorkflowMax custom templates, contact us now.

Look Through Company is the structure replacing the LAQC Company

I attended a WHK seminar last night about the coming changes to the LAQC structure.  It is being replaced by an LTC – Look Through Company.  These changes are still in draft format.

What a Look Through Company means for Directors

From what I understood, the main changes will be around attributing losses, it will be limited to the financial risk held by each shareholder.  For example, if you got married, one person had $100k to invest, and the other didn’t, the losses would only be attributable to the shareholder who introduced the funds, with the losses being carried forward for the other shareholder.  However, if the other shareholder had signed a personal guarantee with the bank, then they would have a financial risk, so could receive losses.

There are other limits and things to consider with this that I recommend you talk to your accountants about the structure that would best suit your company and shareholders.  A decision will need to be made about the structure that will suit you.

Depending on the structure, you may need to revalue properties and you may also need to refinance, so if you are on fixed rates, you may need to pay break fees.  There are some options here – Sole Trader, QC, regular Company, LTC, Limited Partnerships etc.  They all have benefits and flaws.

So again, please contact your accountant, if you would like a referral to a suitable accountant, please call me.

Disclaimer:  I am not a financial advisor, so please don’t assume what I have said is fact, it is based on my memory and my notes.

Glennis Stuckey 24/11/10

WHK is now Crowe Horwath. Follow the link for their contact details. Crowe Horwath offers services such as small business accounting, auditing, risk management, and business advice.
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