We have a client that needed help with MYOB Online accounts…

I requested the  client to give me an invite to their online accounts.  Get sent an invite, accept the invite through my email and then get taken the the MYOB “live” accounts.

I thought hmm might be interesting to see what the competition is about so eagerly I login and go to look for the clients file.

No company file.

The instructions on MYOB website – please download the latest software to use these accounts – huh – I thought they were online.

So I follow the instructions and wait to download the file (20 minutes later for 243mb File).

Once downloaded I eagerly click to set up the software.  Myob starts wizzing and whiring.  I wait in anticipation watching the progressbar.  Meanwhile I have boiled the jug made a couple of phone calls, reconciled a client In xero.  Check Progress bar of software setup of the “cloud” software.

Make cup of coffee, Reconcile another clients account – answer a couple of emails…

Voilah – Accountright is ready to use.  WOOHOOO.   I do my desk ergonomics flex fingers and pounce over my keyboard ready to go with fingers flying.

I login into the “cloud” software from my desktop to locate the clients file “in the cloud”

“Sorry you cannot access this file as you have the 2013 version of the software and the company file is 2012.  Please contact the company administrator to upgrade the file to 2013”


I  then call MYOB – explain my predicament.  They need to reset my password and then send me a link to the 2012 version of the “cloud” software.

At the end of the conversation the help desk notices that the subscription for MYOB is expiring in 10 days would I like to renew it…

Ummm I don’t think so buddy!

Now don’t even get me started on the exporting of information.  That’s a whole other issue.

If you want an accounting system that will make you smile, try Xero, see our Xero setup and support services.

Thanks to my awesome team, we have achieved Xero Bookkeeping Partner of the Year 2012.




Wow, massive changes this morning!

  • Email Template – go to settings, general settings, email settings.  You can set templates for invoices, credits, remittance, repeats and statements.
  • Remittance advice for single payments – open the payment in your account transactions screen and click on options, select ‘send remittance’.
  • Outstanding statements rather than activity statements – this is a big one for us as bookkeepers, where there is months of activity, but only a few invoices un-paid from a few months back, we would have to send months of activity data as a statement, for large clients with lots of invoices, this would be messy, so, we would export the customers transactions to excel, delete the paid ones and send that.  This is awesome!  It is like the list in the contact records rather than every invoice and payment etc.
  • Sales and Bills rather than Receivables and Payables – this is just a change of term, but there are new layouts under the Accounts tabs for these.
  • Chart of accounts search – AWESOME!!!  You used to have to scroll to the bottom, change to 200 lines, hit CTRL and F to find, then search for something.
  • Due date shortcuts – when entering +7 in the due date field, it would be 7 days from today, rather than from the invoice date (which might not be today), so this is more logical.
  • Change to timeout – now an hour rather than 30 minutes, this will be very important to some users using a job systems where they had to keep re-logging into Xero for invoices to export.
Call us at the office if you have any questions.

For more detail or for further changes, see the release notes:  Read More


Account / Sales – new layout

Email Settings

This morning we received our copy of the New Zealand Master Bookkeepers Guide!  A little light reading…  738 pages…

Is anyone out there using Caterease?  I have a client who would love for this to integrate with Xero but Caterease need more people asking so they will integrate it.

Alternatively, is anyone using catering software that can handle events, recipes, quotes, calendar etc that integrates?  I would love to hear from you.

Thanks, Glennis Stuckey

If you haven’t already noticed the recent changes for Xero invoicing, you will soon and you are guaranteed to love them.

  • When you email an invoice to a client now, when they open the invoice a read receipt is noted on the history of the invoice.  So when they say “Oh, I never got it…” you can say “…actually, you read on Monday at 2.31pm…” (if you want to).
  • The invoice shows their current account balance too, so they can click the link and get copies of their invoices without having to ask you – It might be worth educating clients that they can now self-serve for invoice copies.
  • If your customer uses Xero, they can save the invoice directly into drafts, and like magic, it saves the pdf copy with it = Yeehaw!  This is even better than repeating drafts where you have to then save the invoice copy.
  • There is a pay now button, so if you are using PayPal, it is now easier to pay the invoice immediately.  Just consider the additional cost of PayPal fees if you are thinking about using it.  If it means getting paid sooner, maybe it is a good idea to look into it.  Check out our recently updated debtors page for further hints for getting paid faster.

 If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to call the office on 09 269 5466.

Check out PocketRent – it is property management software, which links up with Xero, it draws bank data from Xero for rent payments.  It has some very cool features, like letting property managers (or owners) and tenants know if rent was missed, populated tenancy agreements etc.  You can also upload copies of warranty information for appliances and fittings etc.

Have a look:

If you know anyone who would like this, please send them our way.  We can setup Xero up at the same time if not yet setup.  A good property management firm, like Quinovic, for instance, are going to be experts at managing the tenants, taking the emotion out of it, but this certainly helps the DIY Landlords out there.


Company Cars and what you probably shouldn’t do with them ;-)

I highly recommend you take your company car and go racing at Pukekohe Park Raceway – the track is open most weekends for casual racing – you pay $90 and race all you want.  Motorbikes and Cars go separately, you don’t have to go too crazy if you don’t want too.  All you need is a helmet, and a car… maybe your company car will do?

Destroying the brakes on the company car

We took the Katalyst company car for a blast, my husband and I are a bit competitive though, so we were caning it, it certainly gets your blood pumping when another car is near by too.
Katalyst Company Car
As fun as it was, I now have a loaner, as we destroyed the brakes in my car and it refused to start on Sunday, so she’s certainly putting in her protests.  We were doing 210km per hour on the back straight with 200m before the hair pin, so my poor car was working hard.  I might have done a couple of really bad gear changes in there too.

Wheels that were spotless Friday afternoon, are now blackened with brake dust, a full tank of gas at Drury was gone by time we left the track with our grinding brake pads…

Tank of gas, $100, brake rotors, pads and hi-temp fluid $1350, track fee $90, fun = priceless!  Just remember, your car won’t be insured if you crash, or if someone crashes into you. Also, make sure your car is branded so any potential clients will spot it ;-).

Fee Funders offers our clients more options regarding payment

Katalyst has partnered with Fee Funders to help our clients have more options regarding payment. Fee Funders pay 100% of your invoice on your behalf straight away whilst you can spread payment over a 3, 6 or 9 month period via monthly Direct Debit. They offer a competitive interest rate that’s less than most credit cards etc and there are no penalties for early repayment (you only pay interest for the duration of the loan). You can use Fee Funders to fund any bill over $1000. It’s quick, easy and all done online in less than 5 minutes!
Fee Funders Innovative Client Payment Solutions

What is Fee Funders?

Fee Funders is in essence a Cashflow Provider. They are a specialist funding company that allows customers to spread payment of their invoice over 3, 6 or 9 months, whilst their invoice supplier gets paid in full upfront – thus everyones cash flow wins! You can check them out at

Use Fee Funders to pay your Xero and WorkflowMax setup or sort out bills

We want to give you the support you need, when you need it and we understand that the need often exists before the budget does – Fee Funders solves the problem. It’s quick and easy and all done online in less than 5 minutes. Simply mention Fee Funders to us if you’d like to use this payment method.

Key Benefits of Fee Funders Payment Solution:

  • Quick and Easy and all done online
  • Enjoy smaller, more budget friendly monthly repayments rather than a lump sum payment.
  • Preserve cash and credit lines for other use.
  • Funding fees are in most cases 100% tax deductible – we can sort that for you!

For further information or to apply for this payment option or if this sounds like it could be of use to your business, please contact us at Katalyst on 09 269 5466 or visit