If you are using WorkflowMax, you are probably capturing a lot of data by default. There are some very cool ways to use this data – for example, the map above shows the location of all our clients – past (archived), present (current) and future (prospects).

Using the free report builder in WorkflowMax, I created a very simple report using the Client and Contact table to export all the addresses and post codes. I pasted this data into Google Mapcustomizer.com using the bulk uploader. You can zoom in or out to see more detail.

It is very important to try to stick to 2 or 3 key KPI’s and focus on them, but it is fun to try something new now and again.

If you want some help to get the most out of WorkflowMax or the Report Builder, give us a call.

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I purchased the New Zealand D-Photo magazine over the weekend and was happily reading an article about going pro for photographers, and turning the page – #3 was “Get a Bookkeeper…”.

We have worked with several photographers over the years, ranging in business size, and as a keen enthusiast photographer myself, I love working with them.  We have provide, setup and train, or manage – cloud based systems, you can access anywhere you can get online:

  • Job system to manage leads, quoting, time and materials through to invoicing
  • Software to manage receipts when travelling through to the accounting software, so we can work for you, while you are away
  • Cloud based accountancy software
  • Paperless document management giving you access to all your business information

If you know any photographers starting out who might been keen for a obligation free chat about getting them setup right from the start, please do pass on our details to them. Or, really, to any photography business that needs a great bookkeeper!

D-Photo FEB-MAR 2015

D-Photo FEB-MAR 2015

Scheduling in WorkflowMax has never really been on my radar – it can look more exciting than it is when you first show it to people – but it does have its place. I thought I might take a moment to share.

A couple of points to note:

  • There is no ‘intra-day’ scheduling – you can’t set things for a certain time of the day
  • There are no dependancies – you can’t set it to finish one thing, then start the next

Scheduling would work best for companies where staff are on jobs for days, and you know who the staff member is doing the work.  For example, two builders working on a house for 3, 8 hour days.  Using tasks, you enter 48 estimated hours, assign Steven and Shelly and then the system will average the time out by two people over three days.  For staff billable setup, you can split the hours more accurately.  If the hours aren’t worked on the first day, WorkflowMax redistributes the hours, to 2, 12 hour days.

You can view this in the Job Manager, on the Staff Allocation screen.  You can see who is booked solid and who has time remaining free. To get a good result here, you would need to be religiously using this feature.
Staff Allocation
Individuals can view more information lower down on the Dashboard, or MyMax screens:
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.52.41 pm
When scheduling time on tasks, you get a very basic gantt chart view:
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 3.54.36 pm
Using scheduling on tasks give you better project management and better use of Tasks, Job and Staff Scheduling – under the Jobs Menu. The mobile app will also work better as users can see the scheduled task.

If you think Scheduling may be useful in your business:

XU Magazine – The independent magazine for Xero users, by Xero users.

See if you can spot the Katalyst logo ;-)

You can subscribe for free at XU Magazine.

Xero have now released their new dashboard graphs – so you can get better visibility of performance.

We suggest using one or two key graphs for your business, so you don’t get an information overload. Work with a business mentor if you need some help with this, or give us a call and we can either suggest something, or refer you to someone to help you choose which is important.

Go to Reports / Business Performance. Click the star to add it to your Dashboard. If you want more information, click on the graph name and Xero will tell you how it is calculated.

WorkflowMax have completed the new user interface renovation, removing the hybrid appearance – now is a good time to change.

The new user interface has superior Work in Progress features, but does not yet have the timer, so stick to the old for now if you still need it.

Other Updates:

We have been told the clock and new mobile app will be out in the next 3 – 6 months. Now the skin has been completed, there will be new features rolling out.

Need a WorkflowMax update session? Book Now

Xero are sponsoring 60 Minutes and are running some case studies alongside this to educate NZ businesses about how easy it is to use Xero.

One of our awesome, and favourite, clients, Graham Cooper from Cooper and Cooper, has been put forward as one of the business case studies.

Congratulations Graham and team, this is awesome… and Thanks! for the mention ;-)

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Screen Shot 2015-03-11 at 11.17.08 pm

We are very pleased for one of our favourite clients – HRtoolkit, for their big win of the David Awards for 2014.

We have been working with Lisa and her team for 5 years now, and they are going from strength to strength. You can now obtain their services via Warehouse Stationery – straight off the shelf! Or, buy direct via their site.

Well done team!

I have a long held hope of one day just swiping my chipped wrist over a pay machine and getting rid of my wallet and store loyalty cards altogether.  ASB have put me one step closer to that dream by releasing a clever little sticker thingy for your phone.  I ordered mine already via my online banking.


Click for the ASB page – to learn the proper information about it.