Training – Customised to suit your needs

As per our list of services, we can help you create admin and job systems in your business.  We also know some brilliant accountants and other professionals whose help you may need from time to time.  Please do call us for a referral.

Training comes in all shapes and sizes, typically it is cheaper remotely – using Skype.  If you come to us, in Manurewa, you get a cup of coffee or tea.  If we come to you, it will naturally cost a little more.


General Training and Setup pricing is available on request.  Call us at the office to book a session.  We can train in other countries too using the magic of Skype and PayPal.

  • We refuse to setup MYOB.  Why would you want to?


We can offer payment over 3-6 months if required – please email for details.

All prices are excluding GST.